The unique Sauna in Aotearoa
Unforgettable experience in a genuine sauna right on the glacial lake
Relax with the majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains
Health and renewal of the body,
mind and soul

The Sauna on the edge of Lake Whakatipu,
perfectly woven into the nature, activities,
rhythms and vibes of Tāhuna

We have kept the real secrets of genuine Sauna

Experience a true lightweight gentle steam coming from New Zealand's most precious stone in our unique stove. Comfortable thermal conditions for deep body warming, aromatherapy with local herbs, ancient traditional steam and broom treatments, contrasts with the glacial lake water, relaxation in a fresh fragrant hayloft and much more on a magnificent lake surrounded by mountains.

The Sauna Heart

Creation of lightweight gentle steam

At the heart of the sauna is a cast-iron wood-burning stove. The cast-iron furnace compartment is completely covered with thick walls made of natural stone. Soft heat from the heated stones fills the sauna room, excluding hard thermal radiation from the furnace itself.

Inside the stove, in the upper part, where the maximum heat is accumulated, there is a special compartment closed on all sides for charging stones. There, stones can reach temperatures of over 650C, which provides conditions for the creation of lightweight microfine steam. By opening the door of this compartment and splashing water onto these stones, that same light steam will escape into the sauna and fill it, enveloping you in gentle warmth! The stove is so powerful that its stone charge cannot be drowned with water in a whole day, and it will produce first-class steam every time with a characteristic pop.

The Blast will happen!

And YES! You can throw water on the rocks yourself!

The Spirit of the Heart

Aotearoa Energy!

In Queenstown Sauna, the charge of stones in the stove is special! And we can bravely say unique all over the world! With gratitude to nature and great respect for this, in the heart of our sauna is a charge of 45 kilograms of Pounamu – New Zealand green jade!   

A greenstone charged with strong life energy, sacred to the indigenous tribes and intertwined with many Māori legends and history. With the highest density and heat capacity, Jade is the best stone for creating a lightweight microfine steam and an unforgettable sauna experience.

Pounamu which for centuries has accumulated the energy of Aotearoa, the purest rivers and snowy mountains of the South Island, and which keeps the Maori spirit in itself, shares this energy, health and love with you!

Explore a pounamu!

Comfortable conditions

It means that you would like to staying in the sauna room, not run out of it
In our sauna room you will not see any open steel or cast-iron part of the furnace or chimney. All of them are completely covered with thick natural stone. It means that the heat will be soft and pleasant.

The weight of our stove with chimney is over 1 ton! Just imagine what the thermal capacity is! This stove will be able to create and maintain a stable temperature throughout the session, no matter how long it is, and the steam from it will always be of the best quality!

Special technologies for finishing the sauna room, sweet linden on the walls, a special air circulation system and fits perfectly the multi-regime stove into all this, create comfortable conditions for free-flowing sessions as well as for special tours with steam and brooms massage. If guests want to raise the temperature to +90-100C and even more and use a dry-air sauna room - easily done! If you need a temperature for broom massage in old traditional style +50-60C and humidity 50-60% with a light steam cake under the ceiling - our sauna can also easily create this mode and maintain it. And, of course, the modes can be changed, controlled, flow from one to another for a virtuoso performance of sauna tours for our guests. Our Sauna can even work in the hammam mode - at a low-grade temperature give out a very large amount of thick steam! 

A world of different sauna modes

Choose your

own program of enjoyment
Aromatherapy & Halotherapy
Discover the flavors of the South Island in an aromatherapy sauna with local herbs and spices. Inhaling air with Himalayan salt in the sauna room will more add a healing effect and a special taste to the procedures. It will be an excellent aperitif for any sauna program, as well as an excellent companion to a free session.
The Art of steam & Brooms massages
Choose one of the comprehensive sauna programs and immerse yourself in real Sauna culture. Professional steam masters will show you the real art of steam. Traditional treatments of scrubbing, steam and brooms massage and the like will energize you or, on the contrary, will completely relax your body and mind.
Hayloft & Tea Ceremony
Surrounded by dry herbs and brooms, a hayloft room with two sun loungers and a peaceful view will give you privacy and time to finally relax and soak up the natural aromas of the local forest and hills. Here you can calmly lie down, relax after all the procedures and enjoy herbal tea with home-made snacks.

Contrast and cooling

Pouring water
After warming up in the sauna, cheer up with contrasting pouring from the barrel
Or jump into the crystal water of the glacial lake Wakatipu!
Or if it's too much, then you can cool down just by slightly dousing yourself with the purest fresh lake water right in the sauna room or use the shower room.

The Sauna Chan

A special pleasure is to sit in a slightly swaying Sauna Chan

This is a hanging tub filled with glacial water with herbs and brooms and heated to 40-41 degrees. The soaring state, heated water with aromatic herbs, the incredible view of the mountain lake surrounded by mountains, and the sound of light waves will lead you to total relaxation!

...and from below you will be warmed up with live fire!


Sauna impact on a body

Relax with stunning views

To rest between activities and treatments, you can comfortably accommodate in the tea room with fireplace and panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

Taste the aromas of local sauna drinks, honey, fruits and light original snacks.

Queenstown Sauna Tour is:

Fun time with friends in an exceptionally stylish spot
A pleasant evening
A romantic date
Family holidays
Body recovering after strenuous activities
complete relaxation of body and mind
Of course, there will be many more little shticks that will undoubtedly surprise you,
but for now we will leave them behind the scenes … :)